Office of General Affairs


The office of General Affairs

The office of General Affairs
Provide administrative supports with best services.

With the service spirit in mind, the office of General Affairs provides our faculty and staff members with the high standard devices and maintenances.

The new campus is delicate, neat, and innovative.

Rebuilt after the 921 earthquake, our campus has become a brand new style. Three new teaching buildings and dormitory look magnificent and their facilities are all advanced. Not only plants and flowers, the ecological pool, benches under the tree, and the green corridor also offer student perfect leisure location. In addition, large outdoor sculptures and artistic productions all cultivate their taste of beauty as well as their ability of appreciation.

The multiple living function Campus

The campus is with cafeteria, cafe, convenience store, and food court.To meet the needs of students, Regular examinations are held to secure a sanitary environment and to guarantee the health of our students.

The safe and cozy dormitory

With five-star level facilities, dormitory the building is designed with eight floors above the ground and one floor under the ground. The new outlook and the perfect equipments make the students there comfortable. Controlled by swiping card, security monitor, and guard system all day long, dormitory is safe to live in. Lounge reading room, reception room and book store are also designed. Specially, the food court and the billiards room are on the basement to make our students feel at home.

The prompt, convenient, and friendly United Service Center

In order to establish the positive image and the sophisticated service, the United Service Center on the first floor of the Pu-Hua Building to offer a more friendly, and prompt administrative service. 
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